About Us

Travel Twisters is a global travel comparison site, with a new and exciting Twist. We provide our users with completive prices on flights, accommodation, car hire and more by advertising prices directly from the end users.

Travel Twisters is free to use, we do not charge any booking fee’s therefore you can rest assured that our prices will be unbeatable.

By using advanced search technology supplied by our partners, we provide a quick, easy and affordable way to search and book your next holiday or adventure. Our main feature is the TWIST feature, aimed at travellers that are unsure where to travel next, users can experience a searching and booking experience like never seen before, please follow Tito’s instructions throughout the booking process who will be your guide throughout your Travel Twisters experience.

  • UK based

    Offices in London and North West

  • Friendly Staff

    Bilingual team members

  • User-Friendly

    The simplest, most effective way to

    search and book holidays available

  • Competitive Price

    We will not be beaten on price

  • Charity Partnership

    Every booking helps us

    support our charities

  • Well Travelled Staff

    Get advise from people who have

    actually travelled the world

Who we are

Travel Twisters are a global travel comparison site with a Twist, comparing millions of flights, accommodation and car hire at the click of a button. Our main focus is aimed directly towards travelers and holiday goers who are uncertain where to go next.

Travel Twisters is free to use and download, once you have found your perfect holiday, we link you directly to the airline or booking agent, ensuring the cheapest possible price with no addition commision or fees attached.

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